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«Alles Gegenständliche schien sich verwandelt zu haben»
«All that was solid seemed to be transfigured»
Robert Walser, Seeland

Founded in 2009 in Zurich as Amon Films, since 2017 Seeland Filmproduktion GmbH, is an independent film production company founded by Linda Vogel and Cyril Schäublin. The enterprise is named after the novel Seeland (1920) by Robert Walser, in which Walser describes his promenades into the Seeland region in northwestern Switzerland.

Focussing on Swiss productions but also aiming for international co-productions, Seeland produces films for the international cinema and festival market. Films produced by Seeland Filmproduktion got commercially released in theaters internationally. “THOSE WHO ARE FINE” (2017) by Cyril Schäublin, produced by Seeland Filmproduktion, premiered at film festivals such as Locarno, Rotterdam or New Directors / New Films in New York and has been distinguished with a number of awards, including best film at Edinburgh Film Festival, the Zurich Film Price and nominations for the Swiss Film Awards 2018 and the European Film Awards (European Discovery) 2018. 


2022        Unrueh / Unrest (93’)
2021        Il faut fabriquer ses cadeaux / Gotta fabricate your own gifts (11’)
2017        Dene wos guet geit / Those who are fine (71')
2013        Modern Times (7', Co-Production with DFFB)
2013        Public Library (8', Co-Production with DFFB)
2009        Lenny (17', Co-Production with DFFB)